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LSMG understands the frustration of Networking, we own one! A business has multiple devices that are connectable and may need support in figuring out how to connect the cellphone to a internet access point... a Copier to the LAN .... do i do DHCP or Static IPs?



LSMG server solutions organize file sharing and data availability keeping operations running smoothly. Servers offer many benefits over plain networking for keeping staff connected. You have many options when it comes to your office server and your overall technology needs and ongoing strategy need to be weighed in the decision process. Technology investments directly impact the bottom line and thoughtful use of technology is both a short term and long term efficiency needing optimization. Using the right software and a centralized network server, administrators and users will experience increased productivity and efficiencies translating into bigger profits. LSMG is the right partner to explore solutions in technology.

Network server benefits include:

  • File and print sharing
  • Automated backup
  • Remote access
  • Local and remote server management
  • Centralized security
  • Centralized virus and spyware management

In Office Service:
We come to the site on a 'Service Call' just like a plumber and diagnose and repair the computer. Offered across broad spectrum of platform and technologies, we deliver products that are robust, user friendly and are richly featured.

If You have needs

Call Lone Star Mktg Group at (972) 360-8158 or eMail Contact@lonestarmarketing-texas.net

Business Support

LSMG brings knowledge and experience base in the following areas:

Local Networking

PC/Workstation, Server, Email, cellphones, file transfers, printing jobs: all of these and more are vital parts of making your a network work, and all rely on having a reliable office Network. LSMG can handle all of the setup, configuration, and maintenance needs of your network, saving you time and money.

Securing Your Network

Even if your network is not yet online, there are still hundreds of reasons why your network needs to be connected. Computer viruses travel as fast in a network environment. To keep your network running reliably, you need strong security measures defending it. LSMG will assist in reviewing several firewall solutions, as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware and malware programs. We can even help you install and configure filtering services to help keep your children away from potentially dangerous (and definitely time-wasting) sites on the internet.

Computer Maintenance

Having a broken down computer or network can bring you to a standstill. Luckily, our techs are available, and for emergencies they can often be on the scene usually within 24 hours of your call to LSMG


Call Lone Star Mktg Group at (972) 360-8158 or eMail Contact@lonestarmarketing-texas.net

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